Rebirth of the sun

With the work “Rebirth of the Sun”, which was created during her residency at Schaumbad in Graz, Grethen re-enacts Nut, the sky and star goddess from Egyptian mythology. She was considered the mother of the moon, stars. sun. The latter disappears in her mouth every night, traveling through her body and is reborn every day. In the cult of the dead, this representation of Nut — frontal, with legs spread and giving birth to the sun — was common in coffins and graves: it symbolized the union with the deceased and their resurrection.

At the same time, this work is the prelude to this series, which aims to bring forgotten images of women back into collective consciousness.

Installation view: Badeverbot 2. Welle, Schaumbad, Graz, 2020 © Eva Ursprung

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