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Elodie Grethen (*1988), is a French artist and photographer. She lives and works betweenAustria and in France.  She studied photography at the Friedl Kubelka School for Artistic Photography Vienna, where she graduated in 2018. She received one of five start-stipends for artistic photography from Federal Chancellery of the Republic of Austria in 2018.
Elodie Grethen is part of the label Reflektor.

Grethen understands her work as the exploration of the social structures in place in the world and subcultures she encounters. Through her artistic approach, she questions and investigates the relationship between space, body and society.
Focusing on the notion of home, intimacy, and belonging, photography is for her a way to document the society she lives in, as well as a possibility to question her identity while exploring other cultures.

For comissions, collaborations or just to say hello, please contact:
I am available for commissions in art, culture, performances and fashion.


Short-listed for Erste Bank ExraVALUE Art Award 2021

Fresh Eyes Talent 2021, „best emerging photographers from Europe”
Residency in Schaumbad, Graz

Residency in Cité des Arts, Paris, BKA
Residency Schaumbad, Graz

Nomination for C/O Berlin Talent Award 2020

START-Stipendium for artistic photography 2018, Chancellery of Austria
Die schönsten Bücher Österreichs 2017 for Tokyo Stories 

Exhibitions (selection)
„Junge Kunst Triennale 2020”, group exhibition, Rotondes, Luxemburg 
„Guarding Lions”, solo exhibition, Bildraum 1, Vienna
„Festival Circulation(s)”, 104, Paris
„Off Grid Foto Festival”, group exhibition, Vienna

„Face it!”, solo exhibition, Wien Museum Vienna
„Badverbot, 2. Welle”, group exhibition, Schaumbad, Graz
„OFF Grid Festival”, group exhibition, die Schöne, Vienna

„OTAMP Keepers Edition#1”, group exhibition, Zimmer, Vienna
„Guarding Lions”, solo exhibition, Kosmos Theater, Vienna
„Inbetweens”, group exhibition, Die Schöne, Vienna 

„Enjoy photography 6”, group exhibition, Camera Austria, Graz
„Under her eye”, group exhibition, Parallel Vienna 2018, Vienna
„Common Ground”, group exhibition, Fotogalerie Wien, Vienna
„Auge in Auge mit Man Ray“, group exhibition, tresor im Bank Austria Kunstforum Wien, Vienna 

„Tokyo Stories”, Soweit die Zukunft, Vienna
„Kassel Dummy Awards 2017 Finalists“, Fotofestiwal, Lodz
„Kassel Dummy Awards 2017 Finalists“, Moscow Photobookfestival
„Kassel Dummy Awards 2017 Finalists“, Photobook Festival Istanbul
„Kassel Dummy Awards 2017 Finalists“, Photoireland, Dublin

„Raum 39“, group exhibition, Young Design Floor,
on the occasion of the Vienna Design Week, stilwerk, Vienna
„Tokyo Stories I”, group exhibition, Nippon Photography Institute, Tokyo
„Gemeindebau Kunst”, group exhibition, West 46, Vienna 

„Spaces”, Brick5, Vienna
„Bewegung (Movement)”, Au, Vienna
Key speaker, Launch „Welcome to the living room!” „Bewegung (Movement)”, Verein08, Vienna

Teaching activities
Workshop „Position & Pose”, Kunsthaus Vienna
Lecture „Guarding Lions”, Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, Vienna

Workshop „More than a selfie”, Kunsthaus Vienna 
Photo-Walk „Nature in Focus”, Kunsthaus Vienna

Photo class „Atelier photographique“, Institut français, Vienna

„Tokyo Stories“, in Japan revisited 202x 
„Rebirth of the sun”, Camera Austria Nr. 153

„Oh my darling”, in 30 Jahre Photoschule Friedl Kubelka
„Guarding Lions”, in Nouveaux Riches

„straight nose, queer mouth”, in: GLAD!#7
„Guarding Lions”, in: This is badland Magazine
„Gender F*ck”, in: Kaltblut Magazine

“La beauté est dans la rue” in “Togetherness”, Catalogue of the Friedl-Kubelka School for Artistic Photography 2017/18

“Tokyo Stories”, self-published
    Vienna Photo Book Award, 2017, short-listed
    Fotobookfestival Kassel, 2017, short-listed
    Photobook Exhibition of Athens Photo Festival 2018
    Schönste Bücher Österreich 2017

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